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for 17th Legislative District Position #1 (R) your REPRESENTATIVE in Washington

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About Hannah Joy

As a small business owner who has raised 6 children, I have a record of working to make our community a better place by putting people first. From owning a local newspaper and hardware store in Skamania County, to serving as the Committeewoman of the Skamania County Republican Party, I have fought for individual liberty, property rights, and school choice.

Washington is at a crossroads. We need strong leadership that will stand up against the divisive overreach of power from Governor Inslee over the last 2 years. We need to overhaul our failing education system and promote educational freedom and school choice. 

It is the duty of the legislature to pass laws that improve the lives of Washingtonians. Instead, we continuously watch the majority in the legislature rubber stamp the extreme overreach of a nationally embarrassing and out of touch executive. 

As your representative, I will represent eastern Clark County and Skamania County. I look forward to campaigning vigorously throughout the district to hear your concerns and to fight for you in Olympia.