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for 17th Legislative District Position #1 (R) your REPRESENTATIVE in Washington

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Bring Joy to Olympia

Mat and I moved our family to Washington State five years ago and when we landed in Carson we quickly became absorbed into the community and created close friendships. We became politically active and contributed positively to our new area by joining many organizations. 

We started two successful businesses including a newspaper that I started to counteract media that did not serve our community with equity.The paper is now a staple in the county for many seeking unbiased and honest news.

I was elected as State Committeewoman for the Skamania County Republican Party in 2019 and am currently in my second term. I proudly represent our county at state meetings and work with many other members on resolutions that help define what the people want from their republican leaders.

I have spent countless hours studying the foundational principles of our nation and the reasons behind the words of our Constitution and many other historical documents. With an understanding of why our country was founded, I am better able to see the system's brokenness and contribute to helping repair it.

It was through this work advocating for small town Washington, that I was asked to run for the State House of Representatives.

And so, I have declared my run for State House of Representatives, specifically Legislative District 17, position #1. Vicki Kraft held this position until she was redistricted out of the 17th and into the 18th. I look forward to filling the shoes of one strong woman with another.

I can boldly say that this is what I am supposed to be doing here in Washington State.  I am ready to not only fight for those in my district but also my state.

This battlefield is not an easy one. Being a Conservative in one of the most liberal states will require time, volunteers, and money. I know that many of you will step up to the plate with volunteering, but I also need to reach out and ask you for donations to help me start out strong in this race.

I am asking for $100 or whatever you can give to help me bring light to Olympia. Each person can donate $2,000 to my campaign, $4,000 for a married couple.  Any US citizen can give, or a business.

I stand on the principle of representing the greatest minority in the state of Washington, and that is the individual. The small business owner, the student, the parent, the mill worker, the logger, and many more people. During the most trying times in modern history, these friends and neighbors have been told to sacrifice their individuality for a collective Olympia mindset.

Would you please join me in bringing "Joy to Olympia," where we can make positive changes that matter to you and not liberal special interests and the extremists in Seattle?  Together we can win this election, put Republicans in the majority in Olympia, and begin the process of healing our state after years of suffering under Democrat mismanagement.  

Hannah Joy